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Servicing the cluster members

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Organization of trade shows

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Organization of conferences, seminars and trainings

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Participation in international projects

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Mission amd Goals of Agency for Wood

Mission of Agency for Wood:

  1. By its activity always to stream to provide full economical prosperity of wood processing industry of Serbia.
  2. Its constant efforts should be to export products finalized as much as possible.
  3. To propagandize generousness of wood as material with the goal for its protection, rational treatment, usage, and consumption.


Goals of Agency for Wood:

  1. To represent its membership regarding:
  2. - the relations with official government institutions;

    - the relations with other business and branch associations in Serbia;

    - the relations with respective international branch associations;

  3. To provide its members service of information about conditions and forecast of local and foreign markets.
  4. To propagandize and promote members products on local and foreign markets through direct contacts, official web presentation, and all other means.
  5. To provide good (above all export) deals and to compete for local and foreign tenders.
  6. To help innovation and coordination of domestic as well as international standards, its introduction and application in all segments of wood industry.
  7. To give contribution to fast and efficient education of technical personal needed in wood industry, to establish prestige yearly reward to best workers and students, and to actively support and initiate above all applied scientific research.
  8. To provide for experts involved in Agency businesses participation in different instructive and commercial events abroad which can be useful for faster transfer of knowledge and technology from developed countries to our country.
  9. To actively participate (with other authorized institutions) in processes of licensing experts in educational and other institutions, companies etc.
  10. To give efforts in creating brands from particular products made from wood in Serbia.
  11. To fight against unfair concurrence and any kind of monopoly.
  12. o organize yearly assemblies for the purpose of discussing following issues: results, analysis of results, directions for future activities, assigning of yearly rewards, choosing managing persons.
Membership in the Agency for Wood

Member of Agency for Wood can be anyone: all adult citizens of Serbia or any other country; production, trade or service companies directly or indirectly connected with wood and wood processing; schools and faculties; business and expert organizations from our and foreign countries; agencies; funds; banks; state institutions etc.

All categories will have in first year of their membership exceptionally discount for membership fees.